4B6F493B-0883-4019-ADF4-156FE3FA32F9.JPG says Sato is one of the two most common names in Japan. Fuck. I really didn’t know that. But’s okay.

Sorry. Hi, I'm Adriano Sato. A brazilian creative copywriter based in São Paulo, Brazil.

I grew up in a descendant family of Japanese from my father. And mixed-race family of Brazilians from my mother.

I started writing when I was in school. "My summer vacation."
The teachers loved reading my texts for the room to hear.
PS: I confess that I always tried to stick my head under the table with shame.

Now, I've been working as a creative/copywriter at Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo for the last two years. Work for brands like Nike, Subway, AmBev (Skol Beats, Corona), Mondelēz (Halls, Bis, 5star, Lacta), P&G (Old Spice), Delta Air Lines, The Walt Disney (Marvel, Pixar, Disney) and others.

Before that I lived in Presidente Prudente, my hometown.
I worked in three small agencies before deciding to move to São Paulo after earning a scholarship to study Copywriting at Miami Ad School.

In São Paulo, I had the pleasure of working with great talents & people. This helped me win some important awards in this period: D&AD, The One Show, Brazilian Creative Club, Wave Festival.

In my spare time I like to write little everyday stories that one day will turn out to be a book.

Two years ago I create a Tumblr that calls "Pichações Sinceras" (Sincere Graffiti): Today there are more than 36.000 followers, they must be missing me because I stopped posting for a while.

Ohhh, I forget to say that: I like feed my IG @adrianosato with dubious quality photos taken exclusively with my cell phone. If you don't mind, click and check with your own eyes.

Drop me a line:
Call me maybe:
+55 (18) 99797-2663

Brazilian Creative Club - In Book - Nike (Fé Alvinegra) - 2018
D&AD New Blood - Yellow Pencil - BK (Flame Grilled You) - 2018
The One Show Young Ones - Merit - BMW (Wanna Be a BWM) - 2017
Brazilian Creative Club Student - Shortlist - iFood (Vale Fit Transporte) - 2017
Wave Festival - Mobile Finalist - Tinder (Tinder Alert) - 2017
Best Ads On TV - Print of The Week - 2015
FestVideo App Ribeirão - Gold - Film - 2016
FestGraf App Ribeirão - Silver - Print - 2015
Prêmio Recall - Gold - Print - 2015
FestDigital App Ribeirão - Bronze - Cyber - 2015

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