Currently at Wieden+Kennedy SP. 

Hi. I'm Adriano Sato, a creative copywriter based in São Paulo, Brazil. I was born in Presidente Prudente, a little city brazilian town.

I moved to São Paulo in 2016 following my dream: working for a big brands in greats advertising agency.

I'm graduated in Advertising by UNOESTE of Presidente Prudente and Copywriting by Miami Ad School.

Since April 2017 I'm part the creative team of Wieden+Kennedy, working for brands like Nike, Subway, AmBev (Skol Beats, Corona), Mondelēz (Halls, Bis, 5star, Lacta), Old Spice, Delta Air Lines, Disney and others.

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Brazilian Creative Club - In Book - Nike (Fé Alvinegra) - 2018
D&AD New Blood - Yellow Pencil - BK (Flame Grilled You) - 2018
The One Show Young Ones - Merit - BMW (Wanna Be a BWM) - 2017
Brazilian Creative Club Student - Shortlist - iFood (Vale Fit Transporte) - 2017
Wave Festival - Mobile Finalist - Tinder (Tinder Alert) - 2017
Best Ads On TV - Print of The Week - 2015
FestVideo App Ribeirão - Gold - Film - 2016
FestGraf App Ribeirão - Silver - Print - 2015
Prêmio Recall - Gold - Print - 2015
FestDigital App Ribeirão - Bronze - Cyber - 2015

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